Frequent questions

What is the price of using Trampolín?

Utilizar la plataforma es gratuito para todos los espectáculos, teatros y festivales. 

Who can use Trampolín?

Shows, theaters and festivals through their managers, directors, producers or programmers. From the platform we take the security and truthfulness of the data very seriously, which is why we have a special validation protocol for theaters and festivals.

Can you reduce or extend the distances to make a tour?

Once you complete your profile the possibility of turning a maximum distance of 620 miles from the location of the theater where you are is activated. No limitations of borders and countries. If you wish you can reduce the distances and even limit yourself to bordering countries or only within your country of origin by configuring settings.

I registered as a show and I don't know how to continue

Once you complete your profile, proximity alerts begin to be sent to theaters and festivals near your scheduled show. The most important thing is to have your profile very complete, with photos and videos so that theaters and festivals can be interested in your project. You will receive a Trampolín message when they make a proposal.

I do not agree with the proposal made by a theater, what options do I have?

You can always accept, reject or request changes to a proposal made by a theater or festival. You can also get in touch through the platform or by other means to negotiate more comfortably.

What happens if the show must be canceled?

The commitment of the agreement of the parties is the greatest responsibility that a theater or festival can contract with a show and vice versa, for that reason cancellations for fortuitous events are possible through Trampolín. At the same time we evaluate each case to encourage responsible behavior.

What do you call optimizing and sharing costs?

Trampolin was created for shows, festivals and theaters can reduce costs in the middle of a tour when new functions are generated. Let's go to the example! If a show from Spain is presented in Buenos Aires, it can improve its commercial conditions in case it agrees to a new presentation in Montevideo.

¿Se puede confirmar una función directamente con el teatro (por afuera de trampolín) para no pagar en 2021?

Of course, Trampolin gives you total freedom of action, we even share the data of the theater or festival in full negotiation. Solo debes tener en cuenta que al no confirmar a través de Trampolín, pierdes la oportunidad de generar nuevas funciones por proximidad con esta nueva función.

I was wrong with one of the data in my profile and I don't know how to change it

You can access your profile and edit it as many times as you want.

I have a problem that is not included in these questions and I don't know what to do!

Write us immediately to that our team will contact you. You can also look for us on social networks Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

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